Sunday, March 18, 2007

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

So, the description of my personality is that "mischief is my middle name, but I am first a friend and that I am quite the prankster." I don't believe that, not one bit. Take the quiz and see what kind of flower you are. I just started reading the book "The Secret" for my book club. Oprah featured it on her show. I adore Oprah and think that she is such a true heroine, but her books are not my favorite choices to say the least. After getting 1/3 into the book, my opinion is that it is very new-agy. I won't be asking the universe for anything, anytime soon. I'm first and foremost a Christian and I make my requests to God. However, I think I will learn something from this book including how to be more in charge of what I want from life. It will make for an interesting book club discussion.


tucsontwin said...

How funny, I'm a Snapdragon too! Sista's unite!!! Yep I've heard of that book also...totally sounds a bit "out there" but I'm sure it has some good ideas....somewhere. Glad to hear things are getting back to "normal" for ya! Love your blog girl! Later!

JoAnne said...

I'm snappy too my friend ;) Hope this finds you and the family doing better and enjoying some of the spring break.

Teresa McFayden said...

Well I'm a daffodil. Hmmmmm. I wouldn't have picked that but it was fun to take that quiz! I agree with you on the Secret. Sorta tempted to get the book and just makes some changes to make it more christian based. :)

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