Sunday, December 17, 2006

Train Gardening
It's quite an undertaking. A couple from our church was hosting a benefit for the Phoenix Children's Hospital by inviting the community to visit their train garden in their backyard. It was really detailed. It had 3 different trains going around different tracks, several bridges, a mine, little fires going, an airport, streets and automobiles, a pond with koi, a water garden and people on passenger trains. I recognized several LGB trains. We have an LGB set that comes out every December to circle our Christmas tree. There was an enormous amount of the track that went over and under and through their garden. It's hard to imagine all of the work that it would take to build all of the ramps to attach the track to. They were very kind to invite us into their home to see this wonderful display. We were served hot apple cider as we walked around this wonderland.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy - I am glad that you got to see the trains. What else did you do this weekend? I hope you are starting to feel better. Carmen

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