Monday, November 20, 2006

Sensational Settings was the name of the benefit that I attended yesterday with a dear friend in Tucson. Forty interior design firms each decorated a table for this festive event. Their imaginations ran wild and it showed in their creative endeavors. My favorite table was displayed for a mortgage lender. You can see all of the dollar bills tucked in their baked goods. They even decopaged the table with dollar-bill tissue paper. The centerpiece was a Kitchen Aid mixer and they put glass votive jars and candles in real bread. The tea bags read "honest-tea" and integri-tea".
My second favorite was the "No Adults Allowed" table. She used a small battery-operated train to go around her cookie-jar centerpiece, game boards
cut in half and puzzles as placemats, game pieces scattered around the table, a checkerboard as a charger, and real cookies glued on dowels in the cookie jar. On the backs of each chair were a santa's hat and a wooden hanger with a sign that read "No Adults Allowed". That was definitely the cutest kid's table that I have ever seen.
Another fun perk of the day was finding a table displayed by a new home accessory boutique that was only a few blocks away and was open! As soon as we left the benefit, we stopped by the boutique and made a few purchases. She had wonderful dried greenery and black and ivory table accessories that matched my black and ivory harlequin dinner plates. How lucky was that?
Last, but not least, were the outdoor tables. This designer creatively used putting green turf as a tablecloth, croquet mallets in the centerpiece and Talavera pottery which is so popular here in the Southwest. I highly recommend this event.

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Andrea said...

How fun! I *should* have been there! I just got back from our local craft store where I bought greenery and these weird feathery balls that look sort of like white feather artichokes - each 'leaf' tipped with a bit of sparkle. I'm not sure how they are going to be incorporated in my tablescape but they were so interesting looking and they go with my color scheme.

How fun it would be to see so many decorated tables at once.