Sunday, April 03, 2011

More of San Diego. I hauled all of my family to the Urban Barn in Escondido. I must say that they are very patient with making sure that I get to most of the places on my list. I always have a list. (wink). I also have a list of places that we didn't have time for which makes me look forward to our next trip. I didn't ever make it to the Barn in Temecula so I was thrilled to finally see Urban Barn. I was not disappointed. Of course, shopping with your husband isn't as ideal as with girlfriends that get the vintage thing. I would have loved to have brought home some furniture. I've been looking for a settee for over a year and they had one! It just wouldn't fit in my car. I even have the linen to have it reupholstered. should have asked about the history of that Gypsy wagon. Wow!

Love the shell cabinet.

And the cute little tiara. Why didn't I buy it for her??

I did find a necklace that I fell in love with. It did fit in the car!

I forgot to show off the little bird I found at Paper Tales. She fits right in.

On our last night, we stopped at Fashion Island. Fun stores. Restoration Hardware, Antropology, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo shoes, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus. Love the Kate Spade window.

Here we are, dreaming of our next trip.

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Sandy Michelle said...

You hit all the great stores! I love all the goodies in that shell cabinet!

Sandy xox