Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day is very special to me. It is the anniversary of my husband and I's first date! Not to mention, I am a romantic, sappy fool. The guys in our family cooked for us on Sunday. It was a crazy day because I took my son to a four-hour driving course entitled BRAKES. We both got to drive on Firebird Raceway. I learned quite a few things myself. Cole and Mark went to my inlaws house to cook and Taylor and I went to our National Charity League two-hour meeting. It was very nice to arrive at my inlaws where the guys were doing the cooking. They even decorated the table! They've been well trained.

I received a special delivery at work Monday. My husband usually uses Pro Flowers. This year he sent Shari's Berries, which is a division of Pro Flowers. Take a peek! Don't they look yummy?? They were!

This year I sent my Valentine's through the post office at Love Park, Idaho.

I was spoiled by my students!

Of course I brought them treats too!

Since I worked on Valentine's Day, I wasn't able to cook a big dinner so I bought heart-shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's.

I'm very particular about my Pizza. I have to say, that their pizza was not bad.
I bought these beautiful, delicious cookies from AJs.

I set our table too!

Isn't this beautiful? I've been taking a friend of Taylor's home everyday from school. She and her Mom surprised me with this darling, bilnged out container filled with chocolates.

I found this cute frame at World Market. I need to get some photos in it.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Chocolate fruit and heart shaped Pizzas?!How fun! You trained your men well:) How sweet that it's also your Anniversary too!
Sandy xox