Monday, May 26, 2008

Fourteen years ago, I received the greatest birthday gift anyone could ever imagine. I certainly couldn't. God is good. He most certainly is. After seven years of waiting for a baby, He blessed me this guy, who used to be a little guy, the day before my birthday. What a gift. He always will be my best gift ever. Grandpa snapped this photo of him last week before his semi formal eighth grade dance. We were all so excited when he came down looking oh so handsome. We didn't even notice that his hair was still wet. I wish we could go back and take more photos. I still love it though. It captures him. "He" has had quite a week. First, his dance. And it was his first dance. Then after four weeks of tryouts, he scored a spot on his new high school drumline team. Football games, here we come. Then, after receiving his first B+ ever on his progress report, he brought it back up to an A finishing off the year with his usual straight A's. We still have 8th grade graduation this week. He makes a mama proud. Happy Birthday to us. We've had a fun weekend celebrating with family. Last night, the four of us play Scattagories. I forgot how much fun that game was. Today, we are having a WII tournament. Family fun reigns.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cerri is hosting Show and Tell Sunday "Vintage Linens" today. I couldn't resist posting a few of my family treasures. My Grandmother made me this darling red checked apron when I was about six. I remember wearing it and passed it on to my daughter. She wore it from ages 3-9.

My Great Aunt Ruth made this incredible pink crocheted pillowcase as well as the crocheted lace one. She gave them to me when I was about 20 and insisted that I use them.
My sister found this tablecloth among my Mother's linens and passed this darling teapot and teacup one on to my daughter. I love it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three IS a Charm. It's certainly not every morning that I look out my kitchen window and see three hot air balloons floating by. Everytime I see one I remember the ride that my mother and I took. It was beautiful - the first part. I requested that we fly low. I was too chicken to go so high up in the sky. Our flight was fine, but our landing was rocky. Our balloon tipped over, the wind caught it and it was a little while before the crew could stop us. Thankfully no one was hurt. My mother started to laugh. Her laughter was so contagious that we did not panic, but laughed our way through it. It's a wonderful memory of mine.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I received an invitation to the grand opening of Blissful Living which is a division of the fabulous Domestic Bliss boutique in downtown Mesa.
I really wanted to go and am so glad that I made it a priority. I ran into Kim and her adorable daughter. She was with a couple of her sidekicks, Colleen and Sherry. I then ran into Judy that I met at Sparkle Bella. Then literally a few minutes later, I bumped into the Sweet Mother and Daughter Minnesota duo. Those two get around. They hit all of the creative hotspots across the country. We were definitely having a Sparkle Bella reunion. Kim introduced me to Beth Quinn who was wearing one of her own darling necklaces.
Heather Bailey had a center table showcasing some of her beautiful fabrics and her new scrapbook line. There was total eye candy everywhere and a full class schedule to chose from.

We take Cinco de Mayo pretty seriously here in Arizona. Downtown Chandler hosts an annual event that includes a chihuahua contest that includes a crowning of a King and Queen. It begins with chihuahua races. That took FOR-EVA!
We had to stay because the fashion show and coronation began after the races. We thought that the two cutest ones were Carmelita and Lola. They live up to their names don't they?

I think they must have gone sunglass shopping together.