Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is one of my few "no photo" posts. My camera battery died and I cannot locate my charger. I've ordered a new charger and it is on its way. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling great. Just tired. But it feels so good to have recouperated so quickly. I met with my surgeon today. He said that I was doing fantastic and could return to work. I called the sub coordinator at school and am going back tomorrow. Can't wait. Love those second graders to pieces. I have lots of thank you notes to write for some very sweet gifts that were sent to me. We celebrated Valentine's Day quietly. My sweet hubby sent me not one, but two dozen beautiful roses and a box of chocolates. Since I've been staying home, I've been painting the dollhouse that Taylor received for Christmas, completed three scrapbook pages, read three books, started planning our Hawaii trip (talk about confusing), put away Valentine decorations, baked cupcakes for a gift and watched endless movies. I'm so ready to go back to work! I hope that you are all doing well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is the day to Reveal your Secret Admirer Swap. This one had such a fun twist. We could not put our names on the return address. My package went to Miss Suzanne, a truly Southern Bella. I first heard of Miss Suzanne by learning of the famous postcards that she creates and sends to her daughter off at college. What a wonderful example she is setting for all of us. You'll have to mosey over to her blog, because she displayed my banner much better than I did. Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Suzanne.
I created this Valentine banner for Suzanne based on the Vintage Banner class that I recently took at Melrose Vintage in Phoenix taught by Candice Carpenter. I'm crazy about the Bethany Lowe garland. I think I own it in every color and use it for every holiday. I was in the middle of making the banner when I found the vintage honeycomb heart and wanted to incorporate it. I found the vintage heart-shaped trinket dish for her the same day. She shares the same love of vintage, pink and tulle with me.
My sweet package that I posted a day ago were from another Southern Bella, Miss Jeanie. She is so talented and sweet. I smile everytime I walk by my glittered house and canvas. Jeanie and I connected through this wonderful blog world last year when I was crazy enough to paint my daughter's walls in a pink harlequin pattern. Jeanie was clever enough to hire a muralist. But, oh no, not stubborn me. I always feel the need to figure it out. Go figure. I love Jeanie's beautiful southern home with all of its crown molding and panels and trims. You certainly don't see much of that here in the stucco world of Arizona. I hope that you all have a wonderfully, romantic Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine surprises keep arriving in my mail. I adore this darling vintage heart that Ele sent to me. I have it hanging on my pink tree. I ordered some darling vintage Valentine cherub nut cups from her. She has the sweetest pieces of art created in her beautiful "church" studio located on her property. I keep threatening to go visit her.

I ordered these darling "cherub" tickets from Tricia and she surprised me with the tinest little red and white labels and fun pieces of ephemera. I met Tricia at a flea market in Chandler this year and also saw her at Art Unraveled. She finds the coolest treasures. Thanks Girls! Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My package arrived from Miss Jenn and Cheryl's Secret Admirer Swap. I'm over-the-top touched that my partner sent me a glitter house. I think she must have perused my blog to find out how much I loved them. I couldn't be more thrilled. It's my favorite colors too. Shabby white and baby pink. I will be able to display it Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

I will also treasure this darling "Love is in the Air" canvas that she made me. I haven't tried my hand at canvases yet. See the little cupid in the heart. Our theme was something homemade, something with a cupid and, of course, chocolate. She sent me some little tulle wrapped chocolates and a sweet candle. We will find out who our secret admirers are on the 14th.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I mailed my children's Valentines yesterday. This year I sent them to Loving, New Mexico for Valentine cancellations. Each year, several romantic named cities and towns offer special cancellations during a few short weeks in February. I started this tradition a few years ago. We've received cancellations from Valentine, NE, Loveland, CO and this year we will receive one from Loving, NM. The post offices of Juliette, GA, Bliss, NY, Romance, AR, Heart Butte, MT, Loveville, MD, Romeo, MI, Sugar City, CO, Valentine, TX and Valentine, VA also offer this service. Remember to stamp and address your Valentines just as if you were dropping them in a mail box to mail. Instead you place them in a larger envelope with the proper postage and mail them to the head postmaster for their special cancellation.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Everything happens in 3's right? Well in our house, as of tomorrow, it will be 3 surgeries in one year. My husband had 2 of the 3 last year. Tomorrow it's my turn. I'm having my gallbladder removed, of all the silly things. If you have ever had a gallbladder attack, you would want to have yours removed too. Wish me luck! It's outpatient surgery. I'll be home in a short six hours after I check in. My surgeon told me to take two weeks off of work, but I'm hoping to be back on my feet much sooner than that.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Phoenix was a happening place this past week. We were so busy coming and going. Because my husband is in the sports line of work, he receives lots of perks to sporting events. As a General Manager/Director of Golf, he was asked to be a "rules expert" during the Phoenix Open. This was his second year and he really enjoys it. He walks with a pro-am foursome answering any questions they might have. His foursome included Jeff Ogilvie, two owners of Ping and an owner of The Suns basketball team. He also received four tickets to the NFL Experience and took his father, brother and our son. They absolutely loved it and were able to experience several fun interactive displays including announcing a game (we were provided with the DVD), kicking field goals, trying on lots of fun pieces of equipment and seeing cool displays including the Superbowl trophy, size 17 shoes, casts of excessively large arms and legs and lots of other cool "boy" exhibits. They were lucky to have corporate tickets that allowed them access before it opened to the public because I understand the crowds were incredible. Taylor and I went to a fun little event of our own that swung through town. We went to the 3-D Hannah Montana World Tour Concert movie. That girl is darling. I hope and pray that she stays sweet and doesn't wander down the road that so many of our young stars do.