Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Phoenix was a happening place this past week. We were so busy coming and going. Because my husband is in the sports line of work, he receives lots of perks to sporting events. As a General Manager/Director of Golf, he was asked to be a "rules expert" during the Phoenix Open. This was his second year and he really enjoys it. He walks with a pro-am foursome answering any questions they might have. His foursome included Jeff Ogilvie, two owners of Ping and an owner of The Suns basketball team. He also received four tickets to the NFL Experience and took his father, brother and our son. They absolutely loved it and were able to experience several fun interactive displays including announcing a game (we were provided with the DVD), kicking field goals, trying on lots of fun pieces of equipment and seeing cool displays including the Superbowl trophy, size 17 shoes, casts of excessively large arms and legs and lots of other cool "boy" exhibits. They were lucky to have corporate tickets that allowed them access before it opened to the public because I understand the crowds were incredible. Taylor and I went to a fun little event of our own that swung through town. We went to the 3-D Hannah Montana World Tour Concert movie. That girl is darling. I hope and pray that she stays sweet and doesn't wander down the road that so many of our young stars do.


Maija said...

It must have been an amazing weekend for your boys!!
I think you girls got the better end of the deal!!

Sue said...

I agree with Maija! Hugs to you both.