Monday, September 29, 2008

This was my centerpiece from Bunco that I hosted last week at our home. Whew! Did we ever have a good time and I'm glad it's not my turn to host for another 11 months. It's kind of fun, and definitely well worth it, but alot to pull together appetizers, drinks, dinner for 12, desserts, tons of snacks and a clean house on a week night. Now I can sit back and enjoy the next rounds. I wish I could give credit to the person's blog that I saw the centerpiece on. She used a candle plate. I decided to use a silver tray and love how it reflects the glass. Now I plan to use it for all of the holidays. You probably can't quite see the small pumpkins under the glasses. Very fun.
Please don't inspect my "pumpkin cakes" too closely. I had a blast making them and playing with marzipan to make the stems "aka edible playdough".
I decided to serve mudslides. Haven't had those in years and had forgotten how yummy they are and easy too.

I was thrilled that my dear friend, Angie, drove down to sub for one of the players that couldn't make it.

Taylor was our resident photographer. She refused to go to Grandma's with the rest of the family. Let's just say it gets a little bit noisy and they would all usually rather leave for a few hours.

6 AM came really early the next morning.


Short and Sweet said...

It was loads of fun and your house looked great. You have the "touch" for decorating at the holidays. However, I HATE my picture!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love those cakes with the little stems. So wonderful!

Maija said...

Those cupcakes look just perfect to me!

Saucy said...

mmmmm mudslides. I whipped up a few of those for Darling and The Fan over the summer. Retro drinks!

Your pumpkin cakes are too cute for words. Did you ever tell us what BUNCO was? I must be missing something.

Sandy Michelle said...

What fabulous decor and the pumpkin cakes look awesome! It looked like sooo much fun:)


Cali Girl said...

Everything looks so cute and yummy! I love bunco, we play once a month too!