Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm finally getting a chance to post my photos of my wonderful, delicious Queen Tea's Swap from our Bellatora zine from the incredibly sweet and unbelievably talented Miss Amy of Inspireco. I've known Amy for about three years now. I guess three is a charm because I've participated in her Club Little House three times and now I was lucky enough to be her swap partner. You have to have received a Club Little House package from Amy to understand the excitement and glee when the UPS or postman arrives with one of her boxes. The box itself is embellished as well as every other layer that you unwrap. Let me show you a few of the gifts that I received.
Upon opening my box, I found this fun vintage tin and couldn't wait to open it.
You have to know that I couldn't wait to unwrap these beautifully wrapped packages. Wanna take a peak?

For that squeaky Queen feeling. Clever girl, that Amy is.
Now I've worn this adorable necklace more than once. It's so perfect for me. Pink, crowns, and Marie Antonettish all wrapped up together.
It came in this darling tin.

I'm loving my new journal.
Loving my title.

Care to join her majesty for a spot of tea and some delectable strawberry biscuits?

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