Wednesday, January 09, 2008

She made my day! I was awarded "You Make Me Smile" by June. You will find her truly inspirational. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she also finds causes to donate her talents and homemade goodness. I am to list six random habits/facts about myself and tag six others.
1. I have a very large dollhouse. I'm not kidding. It's about the size of a kitchen table. Very fun! However, I want a new smaller one.
2. I once took a hot air balloon ride with my mother and we crashed upon landing. My mother got me through it by laughing. Her laughter was so contagious.
3. My husband just announced that our family will be celebrating my next birthday in Hawaii. I'm thrilled. Is he sweet or what?
4. I have a math and sewing phobia.
5. I have wanderlust. I'm always planning our next several trips.
6. I'm crazy about my friends. I'm so lucky to have good friends in my life.
I'm tagging six others that "Make Me Smile".
Michelle, my twin (we share very similar interests), Sandy, one of my newest swap partners, RuthAnn, an incredibly inspirational woman, Jessi, whose blog is so entertaining, Cari, one of my fellow midwestern friends and Anastasia, my Australian friend. Thanks for inspiring me and making me smile.


Scrappy Jessi said...

aahh thanks allot!

i love to make everyone have a great day!


Sandy said...

Thanks Cindy!!! I am honoured! I will post my 5 facts soon!


Ruthann said...

Thank you so much!! This is my first award! It warms my heart that you would be so kind!! I love this blog thing! And I love your blog!

Jill said...

Holy cow! Hawaii!!! What fun... you lucky duck! Math phobia... I feel your pain!

Junie Moon said...

Oh, I am so tickled that you posted your list and cannot resist commenting on each one:

1. Dollhouse--how enormous it sounds, please do share a picture.

2. Balloon ride--just thinking about your mother laughing is making me laugh. My own experience with such a ride netted 2nd-degree burns on the back of my neck from the gas tank--to be honest, I didn't laugh but I did love the rest of the adventure.

3. Hawaii--how absolutely wonderful!

4. Math--I'm with you on this one (aargh)!

5. Wanderlust--I suffer from this, too, and have already planned our family trips into 2010.

6. Friends--such blessings!

Thanks for playing; you deserve the award!

Saucy said...

What a great post! You have lots to be happy about. I loved the balloon story... that's what mothers are for, I think. said...

Hawaii!!?? That is one of the best birthday celebrations ever! Have fun.

CresceNet said...

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AnastasiaC said...

aww you're a sweetheart...thanks for nominating me!
i love your answers! oh my! i would have fliped out after that balloon ride - they do look like a beautiful adventure but Id be petrified!
and lucky you!!! Hawaii is so much fun!