Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I think the baby hummingbird has outgrown its nest. Google tells us that only stay in the nest from 3-4 weeks, so it is about time for this little one to try out her wings!

We celebrated with Mark's family Sunday and our own little family yesterday. I love celebrating every occasion.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! Remembering my wonderfully sweet Father who has been gone for four years now. He enlisted in the Navy when he was just 17. He had graduated from high school at 17. His parents had to sign the permission slip. Now that our son just turned 17, I've been reflecting on my Grandmother's decision and how difficult that decision must have been. It was the last year of WWII. My Dad would be 83 now. I am thankful that he was not involved in any combat. He spent four years on a Navy ship. He always told us that it ruined travel for him. He was very happy staying home and was without a doubt, the kindness man I've known.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Spent an afternoon with everyone's darling Canadian girl, Sasha. We met through Club Little House about five years ago. She is my go-to girl for EVERYTHING. I have never met anyone with so much expertise in so many areas. Read her blog and you will agree. I treasured every moment of our afternoon. She brought the necklace for me and the darling button bracelet for Taylor. Of course she made them both. Notice the vintage coin with the harp and the typewriter button. Love them! I was thrilled when I received Sasha's email saying she was going to be in town. Can't wait till she comes back.

Celebrated Mother's Day feeling very loved and spoiled by my family.

Watched a hummingbird build its nest above my porch swing. I couldn't wait to peak out at the nest every morning. Now we are watching the baby grow.

Celebrated our son's 17th birthday. I'm so proud of the young man that he has become.

Taylor and I attended our National Charity League's end-of-the-year brunch with several friends. So happy that my friends Angie, Laurie and Roxanne are members.

Cheered and cried after learning that Cole made Drumline for his senior year after four weeks of tryouts.

Attended banquet to watch Cole receive his high school letter for Drumline.

Celebrated my birthday and was spoiled again!

Took the photos for my daughter's school formal. They looked so pretty.

Went to a going-away party for our incredibly talented girl Maija. She is moving to Colorado and will be missed! Saw a friend at her party, Lisa, that I haven't seen in 15 years.

Attended the junior high assembly to witness my daughter receiving an award and $50 more (she all ready received $175) for her award-winning Patriotic essay. So proud of her!

Attended the 4.0 High Honors ceremony to watch Cole receive his academic letter.

Went to the Chandler Flea Market. I look forward to this event. Met Tricia there several years ago and have friends with her since. Saw her twice this month. She was at Maija's party too! She has the most awesome finds. I've never left her booth empty handed. Hands down, she's my favorite at the flea market, Blissfest, Art Unraveled, you name it. If she is there, she's my favorite!

Spent some time organizing around the house. Reorganized and decluttered our pantry. Love it now!

Dreaming of these jars for my pantry to replace my ancient bright orange Tupperware canisters.

Also with my de cluttering efforts, had a garage sale with a girlfriend, made $192, but more importantly watched our girls have a lemonade stand. They had a blast and made $18. A firetruck did a uturn and bought lemonade from them.

Sold broken necklaces and single earrings, etc at Valley Gold and made $805!!! Couldn't believe it.

Ended the school year with both of our kids getting FANTASTIC grades in their AP and gifted classrooms. Equally important, ending the year with both of them happy with their schools, friends and having fun!

My Cup is Full.

Now onto the weekend to include my birthday dinner, Cole's birthday get-together with friends and a Memorial Day family BBQ.

Summer is almost here. Yippee!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!
Mine began with a celebration last night. My husband surprised me by delivering these beautiful, pale pink hydrangeas to me. Our teenagers both went to birthday parties and we had the evening to ourselves. He not only grocery shopped, but cooked for me. We dined on salad, salmon and strawberry shortcake. This morning he gave me a sweet card. Taylor designed a darling card on Tinyprints.com. I cried when I read it. She is the most incredible writer.

I've been out of my favorite perfume for a few years now. I'm thrilled to have this new bottle!
We went to church this morning. They gave each of the mothers a carnation. We went out to lunch, shopped a bit and we are looking forward to a nice dinner and movie tonight.